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Wedding Desserts

The Design Process

Step One: The Tasting

  • Select either the favoured Jax or customary Marbles tasting package to help you decide which flavors to choose for your beautiful dessert masterpiece. The Jax package includes up to 3 of our most popular cake flavors with it's best matched frosting choice. The Marbles package includes any flavors of your choice. Priced at $5 per sample flavor, each sample is a 4", single layer cake covered in the frosting of your choice. A side of two of my premium fillings is available for an additional $5. If you decide to book your wedding with me, the cost of your tasting (up to $20) will be deducted from your total.

Step Two: Book Your date

  • A signed contract and $75 deposit are required to book  your date and lock in your price. 

Step Three: The Design Consultation

  • The Design Consultations are available via e-mail, text, or in person-depending on your needs, by appointment only. Appointments are available on weekday evenings and Saturdays. I will not design your cake or dessert table until you have booked your event with me. Elements and inspiration that you'd like included in the design do not have to be completed at this time. I accept changes to designs up to 30 days prior to the event.

  • Step Four: 1 Month To Go!!!

Your final contract and payment are due at this time. Prompt and complete payment ensures that your exclusively designed table and edible art will be created without delay.

  • Step Five: THE BIG DAY!

Your custom designed masterpiece will be delivered and displayed with love and care, per your instruction, at your venue. Set-up will be scheduled for 1-2 hours prior to the start of your event. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

*Please note: 

Sheet cake servings are listed by the standard 2" long x 2" wide x 2" high size.

Wedding cake servings are listed by the standard 1" long x 2" wide x 4" high size.

Party cake servings are listed by the standard 2" long x 2" wide x 4" high size.


Add 0.50 per serving for premium or fresh fruit filling and fondant decorations on buttercream cakes.

  • All wedding and tiered cakes include the following:
-Fillings are always included.
-Most designs included (all buttercream and most basic fondant decorations)
- Each tier can be a different flavor (no extra charge)
-Complimentary cake tasting (booked weddings only)
- Complimentary 6" cake or  1/2  dozen cupcakes the following year to celebrate their first wedding anniversary!
-Delivery and setup within a 15 mile radius of my studio.

Wedding Cupcake Packages:

Available for small and large weddings. Each package includes standard sized cupcakes by the dozen (1 per guest recommended), a 6" round or square cutting cake, delivery and setup. A REFUNDABLE deposit is required for cake and cupcake stand rental, in addition to the package fee. Individually packaged cupcakes are available for an additional fee of $0.75-$1.25/per box depending on the box chosen. 


6" round (serves 10) = $30 

(can be substituted for a 6" square cake that serves 18 for $54)

A: 4 dozen = $156

B: 6 dozen = $204

C: 8 dozen = $252

D: 10 dozen = $300

E:12 dozen = $348

F: 14 dozen = $396

G: 16 dozen = $444

Discounts are available on your engagement party, bridal shower, groom's cake, rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette party desserts for ordering your wedding cake through Jax & Marbles!

Wedding and Tiered Cakes

Wedding cakes and tiered cakes

Base Cake Prices

Buttercream... $3 per serving

Fondant..... $4 per serving

(Design Fee is added for level of detail, gumpaste flowers, modeled figurines, 3D decorations, etc)

Each cake tier is layered the same:

 4 torted layers of cake, 2 layers of filling & 2 layers of frosting.

Cake slice examples

From left to right:

A 2x2x4" piece (Smaller party cake slice)

A 2x1.5x4" piece (Party cake slice)

A 1x2x4" piece (a wedding cake slice)

A 2x2" piece (a 2 layer sheet cake slice, my standard slice is 1 layer but the same height.)