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At Jax & Marbles~House of Sweets, it is my top priority to provide my customers with the best product and service for an honest price. I believe that the best decisions are informed decisions, so I have dedicated the following page to my business policies regarding any order you may place with me. If after reviewing the following Q/A you still feel like something hasn't been covered, please feel free to contact me.

  • Q: Are your cakes made fresh or are they frozen?
  • A: My Baking Policy: I make all of my cakes and goodies FRESH to order. NO cake or frosting is ever made more than two (2) days out. This ensures that you will receive a fresh and moist cake, every time! NO cake or frosting is ever frozen. I have heavily invested into creating the best recipes for my clients!

  • Q: What is your preferred method of communication?
  • A: E-MAIL! Communicating via e-mail, Messenger or even text message, on occasion, is a wonderful way for me to respond thoughtfully, without losing focus. It allows me to have your order right in front of me, if I have any questions. I usually reply to all messages within 24 hours, unless it is received on a weekend or holiday. 

  • Q: My venue only allows food items from licensed and insured businesses. Will you be able to supply these documents?
  • A: YES! Although Jax & Marbles ~ House of Sweets is a home bakery studio we have been inspected and licensed by the State of Ohio and are insured for the protection and safety of our customers and our business! Once booked, I can provide your venue with a copy of this documentation. 

  • Q: Is there a deposit required to book my event date? If so, how much is it and when is it due?
  • AFor weddings & tiered cake orders over $125, there is a $75 deposit that is applied to the balance of your completed order. In the event of cancellation, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancelled orders are those that are spoken, written or not paid in full by the date that I've designated on your invoice. In addition to the deposit, a 50% down payment of the balance is expected 2 months prior to the wedding/event date. If an order is placed within two months of the event date, 50% is due upon contract signing for weddings and large orders.

Total order price is due 30 days (4 weeks)  prior to your wedding date. Balances for party cakes, cookies and cupcake orders are due 2 weeks (14 days) prior to your event date. 


  • Q: What is included for the deposit?
  • A: Your deposit and down payment covers the following and is therefore NON-REFUNDABLE:

1. Ensures that your agreed upon cake and/or dessert table design will be delivered at the designated time and place on the date needed. 

2. When you agree to reserve your date with me, you are keeping other potential clients from booking that date, which could in turn cause me to have to turn future clients away. 

3. Once your order is placed and your deposit/payments are paid I start preparing for your order by purchasing supplies, drafting my design layout and turning down future orders to accommodate your reservation. 

* A REFUNDABLE rental fee is applied to all orders that require a cake stand or cupcake stand. The deposit is to be in the form of a check or money order and will only be deposited if the items are returned damaged, dirty or not at all. 

  • Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
  • A: Forms of payment accepted are cash, major credit/debit cards via my Square account (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express), personal checks (only if received two weeks before delivery/pick up) and money order. Please bring exact change if paying in cash, as I do not keep change on hand. There is a processing fee applied when using a credit/debit card.

There is a $45 return check fee. All checks and money orders should be made payable LaTisha Brown.

  • Q: How is payment handled?
  • A: Since this is not a store front bakery, all orders must be paid in full prior to pick up. Wedding cakes, tiered cakes and large orders over 75 servings, must be paid in full 30 days prior to event date. Celebration, custom cakes and other treat orders must be paid for 14 days prior to pick up date, usually at the time the order is placed.
The ordered items will not be made if final payment has not been received.

  • Q: How many flavors can I choose for my cake?
  • A: You may choose as many flavors as there are cakes. For example: For a two tiered cake you may choose 2 flavors. 

  • Q: Can you deliver celebration or custom cakes?
  • A: Possibly. If it's more than $100, needs to be delivered within a 15 mile radius of my studio and doesn't need to be delivered on a Sunday. There is a delivery fee of $25 ON WEEKDAYS AND $40 ON SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS, PENDING MY AVAILABILITY. If the venue is more than 15 miles away from the studio, an additional $1 per mile (one way) will be added to the delivery fee. 

  • Q: Do you offer discounts?
  • A: I offer discounts for customers who refer others to Jax & Marbles~House of Sweets. The discount applies when a customer refers someone new who purchases desserts from me. Once that referred customer's order is completed, the referring customer will receive an email or text to the email address or phone number on file for $5 off their next order (for orders $25-$50), $10 off their next order (for orders $50-100), or $15 off their next order (for orders $100 or more.) Volume orders may qualify for special rates.  Please contact me for further information and make sure to tell me the client you referred!

  • Q: I've been so busy that I forgot to order a cake for my event.  Do you accept last minute orders? 
  • AAny last minute orders (placed within 14 days of the event/pick up date) will be charged a rush fee equal to $20 or 15% of the total order price, whichever is greater. Orders may be turned away if they are too elaborate, require additional time to order supplies or will not be able to be completed in such a short time frame. Payment is due in full via email invoice once received. 
  • Forgetting to pay your invoice on time is grounds for cancellation and late payment will NOT be accepted. If an issue arises BEFORE the payment due date, please contact me asap. Otherwise, your invoice will be cancelled and your order will be removed from my calendar. 

  • Q: Can you make a cake featuring my child's favorite character, (i.e Elmo or Dora the Explorer) or an exact replica of a cake I found? 
  • A: Any pictures provided will be used as inspiration only! In keeping with my desire to provide my customers with custom orders, I will NOT copy another person's work exactly. If  a “one-time use ” copyright release has been received from the copyright holder, I will be happy to do so. You, the customer, can contact the licensed character’s/logo company to request this release. Just be aware this could take weeks and hundreds of dollars for this release. But sometimes you can get lucky and the company will let us do it for free! 
  • There are many other options for these types of cakes. I can create your cake in the colors to match a specific theme or I can use either an edible image or cake topper. Please make sure you give at least 2 weeks notice for these types of cakes as I need time to order/locate the edible image or topper. If you, the customer, would like to purchase the licensed characters toys and place them on the cake when you get home, that's fine too! I will only place toys or toppers on the cake that is still in the original packaging. This is the only way that I can ensure they are thoroughly cleansed before being placed on the cake. I would love to make a character cake for your event, and I understand several other home bakers do so willingly, but I am not willing to lose my license or be sued for said cake. I apologize for any inconvenience!

  • Q: How long do I have to make changes to my order? 
  • A: Changes to your cakes size, description, flavors, 3D cakes, and or décor, etc. will be accepted until 30 days prior to the wedding/event date. After that lockout date I cannot accept any changes. Changes to celebration cakes and smaller dessert orders are accepted until 14 days prior to the event/pick-up date. Changes may affect the price of the order. 

  • Q: Do you offer cake tastings?
  • A: YES! Currently there are two options. The Jax choice includes 3 favoured cakes of our most popular flavors. The Marbles choice is a customary option where you may choose any flavor and filling per cake sample. Both options need to be ordered 1 week prior to your booked appointment. Each sample is a 4", single layer cake/per flavor and iced in your choice of frosting, which are $5 ea. Two sides of my premium fillings are available for $5 also. All cake tastings and consultations are available for wedding orders over $300. They will be packaged and ready at your designated pick-up time for you to enjoy at home. 

  • Q: Do you offer design consultations?
  • A: YES. Design consultations for your order are available in person with yourself and one guest and last between 45-60 minutes. These are not cake tastings but are meetings designed for us to establish the number of servings needed, design and set-up options, and other design elements. Consultations are generally available on weekday evenings or Saturdays. I do not provide my clients with custom sketches prior to a consultation. I work hard to provide my customers with a one of a kind creation and will not give my sketches out to be taken to another cake decorator. You will receive a watermarked copy attached to your final contract to verify that you received the cake that was ordered. 

  • Q: What should I bring with me to my Design Consultation? 

  • A: Prior to your appointment, you should be prepared to answer the following questions:

    1. * What shape do I want my cake to be? (round, square, combination, etc)

    2. * What configuration do I want for my cake? (stacked, pillars, flowers in between. separate tiers, cupcakes)

    3. * What, if anything, would I like to go on top of my cake?

    4. * Am I going to use fresh or gumpaste flowers on my cake? (If so, I can help you choose non-toxic fresh flowers for your cake.)

    5. * Am I going to use color on my cake- bring a swatch?

    6. * Are there any elements from the rest of my day that I would like to use in my cake? (invitation pattern, dress patterns, ribbon, flowers, etc.)

    7. * Where will my cake table sit and how big will that table be?

Anything that inspires you regarding your finished design. Pictures, heirlooms, fabric, a certain event or game, or something that is special to you, the couple, or the guest of honor. 

  • Q: Do I count the servings for my top tier or save it for my first anniversary? 
  • A: It's totally up to you. I can include instructions on how to preserve your top tier for your first anniversary or you can include it in the cake served to guests.You will need to decide this during the consultation in order for me to create a cake with an accurate amount of servings. I will inform the kitchen staff upon setup whether or not to include the top tier when they cut the cake and will provide you with a box to take it home in. 

  • Q: Do you deliver?
  • A: Delivery and setup is included for weddings and tiered cakes over 2 tiers with elaborate designs. I require a 1 to 2 hour (minimum) delivery window on all deliveries and dessert table set-up. ALL OTHER ORDERS OVER $100 ARE SUBJECT TO A $25 DELIVERY FEE. (Sorry, delivery is not available on purchases less than $100.) *FREE delivery available on purchases of $400 or more within a 15 mile radius of my home according to Google maps. I do require that cakes over two tiers in height be delivered!* Once your order is safely delivered and set-up to your specifications, I am no longer responsible for any changes or damages that may occur. 
  • There is a $1 per mile (one way) charge for delivery from zip code 43608 to the venue address for all weddings/events OUTSIDE of a 15 mile radius.
  •  Delivery & setup outside of normal business hours (Mon-Sat 9a.m.-6p.m.) and on holidays is available in most cases. Please inquire in advance if after hours delivery is needed. The delivery fee (for after hour and holiday deliveries) is a separate charge of $40 and will be listed separately on your contract.

  •  Q: Can I pick up my cake instead of having it delivered?
  • APicking up your cake is a great way to save money. I do require that cakes over two tiers in height be delivered! Smaller cakes will need to be picked up. I will coordinate the time with you and schedule to meet you or your designee to set up your cake, no later than one hour before the start of your event. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your consultation, deposit/payment meeting or pick-up, we will have to reschedule the appointment. I will make one attempt per line of communication (one email, one instant message, one text, one phone call, etc) to contact you once you have passed the 30 minute deadline. If you do not communicate with me within  24 hours after the scheduled meet time, I will discard the order, as I see fit, and no refund will be issued! Since Jax and Marbles~House of Sweets is not a store front bakery, arriving on time to scheduled appointments is very important.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN TO CLIENTS THAT ARRIVE LATE!!!  Due to previous issues with Sunday pick-ups, I no longer offer any consultations, deliveries, pick-ups or other services on Sundays. This day is strictly reserved for Family, Faith and Rejuvenation. If you choose to pick up your cake, you should make sure that you have a clean, flat, level surface to set the cake on while driving. Vans, sport utility and any vehicle that the back seat folds in so the air conditioning can make it to the trunk are the best for traveling. If you are in a car, the floor is generally safer than the seat. Most wedding cakes are either too large or irregularly shaped to fit in a cake box so you need to take special care to protect them. Once you leave my home with the cake it is no longer my responsibility.

  • Q: What if I need to cancel my order?
  • A: Wedding Cakes, tiered cakes & custom cakes cancelled prior to the 14-day lockout date will be refunded minus the $75 security deposit. ALL ORDERS cancelled after the 14-day lockout date will NOT be refunded.
  •  In the event that something occurs to affect your scheduled wedding/event date, please contact me to discuss other options. I will not discuss your order with anyone not designated on the contract. In the event that you become incapacitated, or deceased, I will do my best to work out a fair arrangement with your next of kin, per their request.
In the unlikely event that I cannot complete your order due to reasons beyond my control (i.e. car accident, natural disaster, Act of God, family emergency, etc) I will gladly provide a full refund and offer a 10% discount on your next order. If there is a problem with your cake order after it has been received, it must be returned to me, in full, within 24 hours in order for me to see/smell/taste the problem. Since all orders are freshly made to order, it is imperative that they be returned promptly to assess any claimed issues. If you elect to eat the cake or part of the cake, no consideration will be given to your claim. RETURN IT IN FULL, EVEN THE TASTED PIECES, TO ME WITHIN 24 HOURS. If I decide that your claim is valid after seeing/smelling/tasting the product then I will offer you an in-store credit or partial refund-NOT A FULL REFUND!

I appreciate each and every client and will give my very best to accommodate your wishes.

 Together I believe we can create a beautiful and memorable event,

just for you!